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A flourishing and hard-working community since 1847; Hobart is a bustling city of commerce and development.

Visit the City of Hobart's webpage for travel and commerce information. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Parks and Recreation

There are many things to do in Hobart, and we're no stranger to outdoor events and festivities. Whether you're Kayaking on Lake George or shopping at South Lake Mall... Hobart has a little something for everyone!

Check out the Hobart Parks Department Facebook page for up-to-date information on public events.

Public Safety Professionals

KayakHobart was founded by the men and women of Lake County Divers Supply. We share an affinity for the water, and have great respect for the required mindfulness and adventurous spirit that all water activity requires.

If you are looking to explore under the water as much as on-top, please check us out at Lake County Divers Supply.

Find a Paddle Buddy!

The Northwest Indiana Paddling Association (NWIPA) was formally founded on January 18, 2009 as a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the region's paddling resources and opportunities, providing environmental stewardship of the region's waterways, education, and to be a link between the region's paddlers.

Visit them at the NWIPA Home

Rentals by the Hour, extended trip & group discounts

Stability & Comfort

We chose the Ocean Kayak line of kayaks due to their superior stability, even on choppy water. Even though Lake George is a No-Wake lake, we want to make sure that our paddlers are worry free when on the water.

Safety First

If you're a first time paddler, we'll quickly teach you paddling basics. It's important to remember not to overextend or sit improperly on them. Accomodations including Life Jackets, and Dry-Wear are provided to keep our adventures and their belongings safe and secure.

Rental Prices

  • Singles - $20 for 1 hour
  • Doubles - $25 for 1 hour

Each hour is $5 less for each subsequent hour (i.e. 2 hour single is $35 - 2 hour tandem is $45)

Group Discounts

Are you planning to kayak with a large group of friends or family? We offer special discounts for large reservations, and even whole day rentals. Contact us ahead of time, for party or group outings information!

Fellow paddlers have taken some great pictures! If you have a special one you'd like to share, you may find it here! We also post pictures on facebook from time to time!

Image description
This Blue Heron is usually photogenic, you may see him on your excursion
Image description
Kayaking is a great family or group sport!
Image description
So peaceful, you'll forget that you're in Northwest Indiana
Image description
Enjoy the outdoors
Image description
In Bloom
Image description
Many families are indigenous to the lake, please respect your surroundings
Image description
A great photo from a fellow paddler, Bob Cotton
Image description
A no wake lake means nothing but good times


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